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Door Erno Hannink | d. Narrow Networking

nov 19

Nadat afgelopen zondag de tellen waren geteld werden ook alle reviews van het panel verzameld. Leigh Kostiainen van Advanced Fan Page Solutions heeft al deze reviews verzameld in een uitgebreid rapport.

Als jij bezig bent met je Facebook pagina is het interessant om de reviews en de 13 finalisten te bekijken (zie dit overzicht van de pagina’s). De meeste finalisten hebben 1.000+ fans, een zelfs 8.000+. Toch hebben ook deze pagina’s nog een aantal punten waarop ze kunnen verbeteren om nog meer ‘Likes’ te krijgen.

Dit zijn bijvoorbeeld de reviews van Goal Power Training

Panellist 1 Review
The best thing that Goal Power Training is doing with their Page is true fan engagement. They can improve the Page by having professional created graphics. The purpose of the Page is not clear.

Panellist 2 Review
Best thing: The honest enthusiasm is clear here, and beautiful.
Place to improve: Graphics on Welcome Tab should blend more with the profile pic.
Page purpose clear? Yes!

Panellist 3 Review (van mij)
Strong title of the page. Landing on welcome tab, text color and images can be more professional to underline the professional state of the business. I want to be sure that the training is good, the artwork can support that.
Good branding with the profile image, with a CTA to like the page. The URL to the website is in the profile image. To make it easier for visitors to click it you can add to the info box.
Direct shopping on the page. Good usage of photo’s, it shows fun. Good interaction on the wall, Jen Forster responds to messages.
Information tab shows weird location, this is shown in the sidebar.
There is a forum but no action there. Maybe it is good to add Jen’s name to the page title if people search on her name they will not find the page at this moment.

  • Good welcome tab. Missing Call to Action
  • Shopping on the page with Payvment
  • Photo show fun
  • Forum no action
  • 1 review, not so good.
  • Missing link to website in info box
  • good branding in profile image
  • Location weird in info tab
  • good interaction on wall

Panellist 4 Review
This fan page of Goal Power Training advertises “the ‘Inner Sanctum of Women’s Fitness’. Tap into our ‘Belief Bank’ to transform your body and your life!”. Nearly 500 people agreed with it and have become ‘likers’. The landing tab welcomes you with a pep talk and a feminized version of the superman logo. The gray background however, projects a gloomy image which is at odds with the positive message. The design work on the profile picture is also far too cluttered and does not project easy recognition.
I like the welcoming words and also the fact that you can fill in an email form on the bottom of the page to connect to the company and receive a present. I think there would be a big improvement with the addition of FBML features, share buttons and social plug ins.
I like the sense of commitment and the community power. You can see pictures of the work outs, some personal notes and everyone seems to be enjoying being a part of it. Working together to reach the same goal together with the comments on the wall are inviting, positive and motivating.
Become a Goal Power Woman and create your own ‘health and fitness’ blueprint……and never go on a ‘diet’ again! Well done ladies and also well done to Jen Forster and her team.

Panellist 5 Review
This is a great example of a well optimized Facebook Page, branded profile pic, custom landing tab, autoresponder integration, online store, great effort. The content and conversation is engaging and the response to comments is very friendly and support. Adding the website address to the description box below the profile pic will improve traffic and search engine optimisation for the website and shifting the “Like Box” to the front page of the website will improve conversion and trust.

Panellist 6 Review
I love the purpose of this page! The pink color is girly and inviting! The fan engagement is consistent and strong. Creating a more professional welcome tab design or incorporating some more professional images will help with making the page purpose a little more clear and brand credibility.
Making your profile banner a little clearer graphically would help as well. Overall good message!

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En dit was de reactie van Jen op het rapport:

Thanks to the amazing panelists for your time, your contribution but most importantly, for your review and feedback of my page! Love it! Plan to make some changes and really sharpen it up!

Hier kun je het volledige rapport downloaden (PDF) – rapport van Promote My Fan Page Best Fan Page Awards

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